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  • New album out April 26

    The album The Silencer is available on a major streaming services on April 26! The songs on the album reflects different genres of music and moods. I wanted to express differens musical ideas without limiting myself genre-wise.

  • New Single out! Suspension of Disbelief

    The song is about a student losing faith in his master’s beliefs and ways. Suspension of disbelief is a term used when someone does the opposite: blindly following what their master says, even if it doesn’t make sense. This concept can be applied in many scenarios, such as martial arts, sports, and religion. The song…

  • YouTube Playlist for The Silencer!

    Read more about the playlist!

  • New EP out November 10!

    The new EP is called Songs for Dead Bodies and is a collection of four songs that did not make it on the next full album. I wanted the release them anyway cause I felt that they deserved to live.

  • New single out!

  • It starts to get a little crowded! music videos now available!

    It starts to get a little crowded on the Official Youtube page with music videos. Almost every song from the album Dark Days ahead has a music video now. Check them out at

  • Patreon site available

    Do you want to join me and help me be able to create more music och pursue my dream? Join me on Patreon

The Silencer

Dark Days ahead

Songs For Dead Bodies